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The Training App

Live Training by Chase

  • Training in Influence, persuasion, neuroscience and behavior skills


  • Learn how to read people in 6 Minutes

  • Master your Skills in Influence and Persuasion

  • Learn how to be the most confident person in the room


  • Course communities

  • Groups with like minded interests

  • Live events to have your questions answered

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Free Training

  • Every Friday Chase holds live training

  • How to Deal with Anxiety

  • Behavior Skills Breakthrough

  • And more...

Friday Night Live (FNL)!


See Chase Live for Topics like...

  • Dealing with Toxic People

  • The Secrets of Self Esteem

  • How to Hack Attractiveness

  • Get Over Anything in Your Past

  • Hacking Productivity

  • Becoming a Millionaire - What they all KNOW

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