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"If there was a manual on how to be James Bond, this is it." -TIM O’KEEFE

"One of the most frighteningly powerful books imaginable.


It shows how to make a real life Manchurian Candidate complete with alternate personalities and amnesia.


A process I didn't feel was possible till now." DAVID BARRON a.k.a. DANTALION JONES – 8-time bestselling author including Mind Control 101


Originally written as a manual for intelligence operations. Get groundbreaking, surgical-level skills with the textbook of human behavior and influence:

  • Behavior profiling

  • Advanced body language skills

  • Advanced deception detection

  • Covert influence tactics

  • Behavior control methods

  • Interrogation secrets

  • Behavioral programming secrets

  • Fear, insecurity and needs identification

  • Physical methods of hacking the brain

  • Using confusion as a persuasion tool

Word-for-word scripts for extreme behavioral persuasion From America's leading behavior tactics expert, Chase Hughes.


“The Ellipsis Manual is the kind of book that used to be locked away..."

Reviewed in the United States on August 20, 2023

Deep in a vault underground...far away from the prying eyes of those who could misuse its power. With chapter titles like ‘Methods of physically hacking the brain’ and ‘Shutting off human willpower,’ what you’re about to learn could make even the most well-trained CIA operative blush... And that’s what leads me to say that if you’re going to pick up your copy of The Ellipsis Manual today, you’ve got to make a firm commitment not to go to the dark side with this material. Because once you go through these pages you’ll be able to see through the masks people wear, exposing fears and insecurities no one else can see.


C. Caro

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