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Unstoppable Authority

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Through this course, Chase will teach you the true meaning of authentic Authority and the power it has on you, on those around and on society as a whole. By diving in deep and explaining the history of how Authority works, back to our ancestors he shows just how powerful having genuine authority on yourself and those around you is. You will get tools and techniques to take a look at your life with a different set of eyes and identify where you might need improvement, and where to level up in certain areas to make the absolute best of yourself in all of your surroundings. Once purchased, this course will then be yours to go over the content as many times as you wish without restrictions or time limits. The course itself is 6 modules and is 6 hours, 7 minutes, and 36 seconds long if watched back to back without stopping or studying time.

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Unstoppable Authority

Unstoppable Authority

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