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Operative Six

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The Operative Six course consists of 11 modules consisting of various topics ranging from Confidence and Elicitation to Deception Detection, Influence, & Authority. It deep dives and hammers home the importance of being brilliant at the basics to lay the foundation to build all behavior skills on top of it for a more structured path in development to achieve success in human behavior profiling. You’ll also see a live recorded interview with Chase profiling someone using a 6MX compass to show how actionable it is in real time, and the types of things you’re looking for, it displays on the screen as it’s going through it to show the things we miss in everyday life.

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Цей онлайн-курс підключено до групи. Вас буде додано, коли ви приєднаєтесь до онлайн-курсу.

Operative Six

Operative Six

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