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Deep Neuroscience, Answering Your Questions...

Updated: 7 days ago

April 19th, 2024

Friday Night Live With Chase Hughes
Friday Night Live With Chase Hughes

Dive in and see just how deep Neuroscience can go as I'll be answering your questions...

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Thank you I found this very interesting. I especially want to learn more about helping my body to stop loosing SMN survival motor neurons. I have a neuromuscular disease called SMA. I have treatments every 4 months that are given by intrathecal injection. Your description to the writer whose Mom is needing this procedure was spot on to my experiences. I want to share in hopes it might help another person. I experienced the lower back pain for about a week after my first few doses, this concerned my Dr and she started trying different positioning after my procedure. The first 2 times I laid flat for one hour then was allowed to go home and take it easy for…

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