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Cult Secrets that can Help the World

Updated: May 27

May 17, 2024

Friday Night Live With Chase Hughes
Friday Night Live With Chase Hughes

Jump into my latest Vlog as I take you through the process of how Cult Secrets work and the dangers behind it. I'll also be showing you how these techniques can be used for good in therapy and how it could change the world.

Everything works based on the PCP model and the Six-Axis Model. 

The PCP Model:

  1. Perception: This is about how the target perceives the interaction. It's crucial to influence this perception to make the person more open, focused, and suggestible. Changing how someone perceives an interaction can fundamentally alter their response and engagement level.

  2. Context: Here, the focus is on the environment or the circumstances surrounding the interaction. By manipulating the context, you can make certain behaviors seem more acceptable, reasonable, or even necessary. This is about setting the stage in such a way that the desired action by the target feels like the most logical outcome.

  3. Permission: This final phase involves creating a scenario where the target feels they have the permission or the social license to act in the desired way. It's about making them feel that not only is the action acceptable, but it might also be expected or required given the context and their perception.

If you ever reach a point in your life where you fully understand the PCP model, you’ll be ahead of most of the world. You’ll see it literally everywhere. You’ll not only be able to use it as a tool, but you’ll be so tuned into it that you’ll spot it being used on you. Once you master this, the Six-Axis Model will prove to you that there is nothing else when it comes to influence, whether it’s a cult recruiter or a therapist - if they are getting results, you can break it down using these two models. 

The Six-Axis Model:

  • Suggestibility

  • Openness

  • Connection

  • Compliance

  • Focus

  • Expectancy


The Dangerous Cult Secrets - How They Keep Members:

Identifying the Target: Cult recruiters are sharp, and always on the lookout for people who seem a bit lost or vulnerable. They often scope out spots like counseling centers to find folks struggling with big life changes—like a breakup, losing a job, or even moving houses.

Love-Bombing: Once they’ve picked their mark, the love-bombing starts. It’s a massive wave of affection and attention. Think of it as a brain blast, kind of like what happens to someone when they try heroin for the first time—huge spikes of dopamine and oxytocin that make someone feel super welcomed.

Isolation: Then comes isolation. The cult starts cutting off connections between the new person and the outside world—no more hanging out with friends, less time with family, and stepping away from social media. They fill this gap and become the only source of good vibes, making the person depend on them even more. They keep hammering the ‘us vs. them’ idea, making it seem like everyone else is different and only they get it.

Creating a Safe Haven: Everyone needs a safe place, and the cult makes sure they’re seen as just that. When things go sideways in someone’s life, the cult’s right there to catch them, deepening the dependency. Now, it’s not just about what the cult teaches; it’s about the person becoming part of the cult’s identity.

Handling Doubts: Cult leaders are slick; they know what outsiders might say to shake a recruit’s confidence. They prep their members with comebacks for these challenges, helping them not only to defend the cult in public but also to quiet any doubts they might have themselves.

Ideological Indoctrination: This stage is all about tweaking reality. The cult changes how people see the world—what they expect, believe, perceive, and even how they define things. Through constant agreement from the group and a lot of repetition, they slowly shift the recruit’s worldview to fit the cult’s mold.

Control: The final step is all about keeping people off-balance, making their lives chaotic and then stepping in as the solution. This keeps the recruit hooked, loyal, and ready to defend the cult at all costs.


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Enlightening - so much value in this and made a lot of things clear - thank you!!

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