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Chase Hughes: World-Renowned Behavior Expert and Bestselling Author

Chase Hughes stands as the undisputed #1 body language expert in the world, distinguished by his unparalleled expertise and groundbreaking contributions to the field of behavior analysis. With postgraduate certifications in neuroscience and neuroendocrinology from Harvard University, and medical neuroscience from Duke University, Chase combines rigorous academic training with over two decades of practical experience.

As a bestselling author, Chase has penned seminal works that have shaped the landscape of tactical behavior skills and influence. His worldwide bestseller, The Ellipsis Manual, is revered for its insightful approaches to advanced persuasion and behavior profiling. Additionally, Chase authored The Behavior Ops Manual, a pivotal resource for intelligence operatives, noted for its depth and controversial insights.

In his professional journey, Chase has developed and taught the most advanced behavior skills courses available globally. His expertise is sought after by elite military units, intelligence agencies, and police forces. His courses cover a comprehensive range of topics, including behavior profiling, nonverbal analysis, deception detection, interrogation, and advanced behavioral investigation.

Chase’s innovative contributions to the field include the development of a groundbreaking interrogation behavior analysis tool and the T.F.C.A. cycle, both of which have revolutionized U.S. law enforcement training. He also created the Pre-Violence Indicators Index, a critical tool that enhances the ability of security personnel to detect and respond to early signs of aggression, thereby saving lives.

Outside the classroom and field, Chase co-founded and hosts “The Behavior Panel,” a popular YouTube channel with 900,000 subscribers and over 130 million views. He also brings his expertise to television as the host of the weekly network TV show “The Behavior Panel,” dedicated to the analysis of body language and behavior, further cementing his status as a leading figure in behavior science.

Chase Hughes’ contributions to behavior science and his ongoing commitment to teaching and innovation make him a pivotal figure in his field, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the understanding and application of behavior analysis.


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Chase Hughes

Chase Hughes

NCI Staff
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