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Six Minute X-Ray

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Through a series of videos taught directly by Chase, it dives in deep to show the basics of human behavior, to essentially show what makes us tick on a basic level. It teaches ways of understanding the behavior of those around you, and along the way, you will also learn things about yourself you never may have realised before, such as why you would have made certain decisions in your life, and what was the decision factors around them. What is it about certain things that you're attracted to in life. Chase will teach you how to use those things to make an advantage in life, by knowing yourself and those around you, you will be able to expertly make better decisions by using the knowledge you've learned to create the outcomes you wish. By breaking down human behavior into smaller chunks you will be able to read the behavior around you in a short amount of time and be able to react quickly, the 6MX is an abbreviation for "Six Minute X-Ray" and this is what you will get, the tools and skills to read someone within 6 minutes or less. You will also learn deception detection, and what is at the base of our DNA decision factors. Once purchased, this course will then be yours to go over the content as many times as you wish without restrictions or time limits. The course itself is 27 modules and is 4 hours, 20 minutes, and 45 seconds long if watched back to back without stopping or studying time.

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Six Minute X-Ray

Six Minute X-Ray

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