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Interview & Interrogation

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Chase built this course for Law Enforcement around the world and some of the 3 letter agencies and it has been used as such in many settings. It was built for rapid technique usage in getting results quicker and easier without having to drag an interrogation out for hours at a time. It's something that Chase himself has used countless times when called upon by Governments and different agencies around the world. It teaches you how to control the environment around you and to manufacture compliance in 10 minutes or less with a subject. You will learn enhanced techniques for behavior changes in language, movement, and sound to change moods and behavior. Once purchased, this course will then be yours to go over the content as many times as you wish without restrictions or time limits. The course itself is 67 Classes across 5 modules and is 9 hours, 04 minutes, and 57 seconds long if watched back to back without stopping or studying time.

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Interview & Interrogation

Interview & Interrogation

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