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The world's first course on the most powerful influence known to man. Discover the power in you, and create outcomes you never imagined.

In Authority Mastery, we will unpack the exact formula that creates human influence on an extreme level. How do some leaders automatically generate attention, compliance, and extreme levels of ‘followership’. 

We’ve all seen it, from cult leaders and charismatic CEOs to Bill Clinton. People with these traits make anyone near them fall into a totally different reality. 

In this course, you will not only learn the specific tripwires that have to be hit in order for someone to feel this way, I will be showing you exactly how to set them all off. 


You'll never see this information anywhere else. The Authority Training System was built from scratch for elite operatives and sharpened over decades to reach the level of depth and power it has now.


​You will learn the exact steps that make people compliant in any situation. And it is a little scary to discover how easily we can all be ‘hacked’.



From confidence and discipline, to charisma and the 'X-factor'

The Authority training system gives you the advantage in human interactions that no other system can.

Module 1:   A self-assessment tool that is scarily accurate. Immediately identify all the internal beliefs and habits holding you back from having full authority. You'll see right away why intelligence operatives use this tool for assessment.

Module 7:   The exact formulas (step-by-step) to manufacture compliance in the human brain. How you can do this immediately and easily without months of practice. 

There's a reason this course outperforms all other 'influence' training:

The Authority System is rooted in results, and leverages psychology and neuroscience backed by over 200 years of research.

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