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Confidence Reboot

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Through a series of videos, audio tracks, and trackers you can fill in to keep track of your progress, this course will boost you in ways you never thought possible. Chase worked on this particular course for 6 years to get it crucially right, and the effects it has are extremely powerful! Through the audios, Chase will give you the power to take control of your brain in ways you never imagined, and I say this with full confidence. The course is designed to give YOU the power over yourself, to dive deep, identify what has been holding you back and remove those limiting beliefs, and become confident in any areas you desire. The power of this course is unreal, to give an example, there is a lady in the app with Parkinson's disease who was in bed most of the time because of the pain and had terrible tremors in her hands. After doing this course and applying the skills that she wanted, she is now walking around without pain, and has completely removed the tremors from her hands! Chase was even shocked by this! Once purchased, this course will then be yours to go over the content as many times as you wish without restrictions or time limits. The course itself has 20 modules that will last a little over 30 days and can be continuously used afterward.

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Confidence Reboot

Confidence Reboot

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